Happy New Year! 2021 has arrived!

As the New Year is upon us we evaluate about possible travel plans, dream about which destination from your bucket list to visit soon or just simply dream about being at your favorite or new destination, think about what positives 2021 will bring in your travels. 2021 will bring us progression to travel with borders and destinations re-opening to greet and service you. No matter your travel choice there will be an adapted new way of traveling and be assured that health awareness protocols will continue for years as destinations are ready to greet you safely.

Once decided we are ready to work with you as we can create or customize unique travel experiences to any destination based on your interest and travel style. At Oshawa Travel we are travel experts and can answer any questions you have providing you with expert travel advice.

No matter what you choose it’s time to travel again, travel will always come back as it is in our nature as humans to experience, explore and revitalize ourselves.

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